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@bbpuff - I really think that allowing your children to play violent video games effects them in different ways. If your child is a mature person, then they might be able to handle and understand that aspects of the game without having violent tendencies themselves. I think that it should be in the parent's discretion just as this article states and really because this is a matter of opinion type question that this is the only logical answer.... even though I agree that games like Grand Theft Auto should not be played OR viewed by children that young (five years old) simply because violent video games often include more than just fighting or blood, but also profanity and even inappropriate situations as well. It's your brother in law's choice to let them play it, but you don't have to let it happen around your child!

There is stronger evidence of short-term violent video games effects than of long-term effects

A new research on the violent video games effect on children reveals that more than 90 percent of U.S. children among ages eight and 16 play video games, and they usually spend an average of roughly 13 hrs a week doing this. In real life, as a result of violent video games effect on children, the violence degree is way a higher. The children who declared playing a major variety of violent video games from both US and Japan, tended to increase a more aggressive activities soon after in time than their coequals who did not.

the long-term effects that violent games can have on children

and Adolescence and appeared in the recent book, Violent Video Games Effects on Children and Adolescents (Oxford University Press).

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