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There are many type of essay out there. College professor generally use different versions of each essay in their classrooms, which means you have to get acclimated to each one. Of the purposes of this article discussion will focus on the descriptive essay. Discussion will start by asking the question, “What is a descriptive essay?”

What Is a Descriptive Essay

You have been assigned a descriptive essay – oh joy! You must now choose a topic and write the thing. What is a descriptive essay anyway? Well, you do need first if you are going to produce one that will result in a good grade. Everyone knows that a descriptive essay must “describe” someone or somethings – that goes without saying. But the true purpose of a descriptive essay goes beyond that. The point is to describe something so well that the reader can actually get a detailed “picture” in his/her mind’s eye. To do that, you must engage as many senses as possible. Consider these two descriptions:

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What is a Descriptive Essay

Imagine that you want to write a descriptive essay about your ..

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