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Nearly twenty-five years after receiving a Ph.D. in U.S. history fromHoward University, I find that writing a personal reflection of my life as anacademic offers an extraordinary opportunity to be my own subject—to sharemy own history of being an African American woman historian and universityprofessor specializing in African American women’s history. ...

I'll get around to writing a personal reflection on the trip soon!)..

Each intervention program consisted of common activities for integrating reading and writing. Each session started with a guided reading by the teacher and a discussion on the selected reading. This reading activity was always followed by a writing activity. The writing activities included: summarization (Steps 1, 2, and 3); journaling or writing a personal reflection about a story (Steps 2 and 3); writing a critical piece about a book to share personal thoughts with the other students (Steps 2 and 3); and writing a report after reading an expository piece (Step 4). The students were taught specific strategies for connecting reading and writing: summarizing (finding the main idea and details that supported it); taking notes while reading; using notes to generate ideas (planning); and composing a text and then revising and correcting it. In order to motivate and engage the students intellectually, the workshops were organized around topics of interest to them.

Find a quiet place where you can write down your personal reflection

less leeway than a student writing a personal reflection or even a standard research paper Writing a personal reflection in your conclusion gives you a chance to think and feel more deeply about your story. When you write a reflection, you may share a lesson you learned, like the example in Aesop's fable. You might draw some conclusions about your experience or reflect on how it changed your life. You might even take some time to explore your deepest feelings about your experience and come up with a fresh and surprising insight or two.

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This is all about negotiation between the teacher and student. It depends on the assignment, the instructor’s goals, the student’s goals, the rigidity of the form, and the issue at stake. For example, a student who is taking a writing intensive class in Human Development and Family Sciences and is putting together grant proposals (a typical assignment in HDFS courses at OSU) would probably get a lot less leeway than a student writing a personal reflection or even a standard research paper. That is because the audience for that particular type of writing (U.S. private and government donor agencies) have expectations the students are learning to meet.

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