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You should be writing your reflection paper on the reading you did from the last reflection paper on. If there are numerous readings, you don’t need to discuss every single article or chapter if you can write intelligently about one specific topic/article. It’s up to you. Regardless of how many articles you write about, you are still expected to have all the readings done that are due.

write a “text in context” essay, and how to write a reflective paper as well.

Our tips on writing a reflection paper:

When choosing a topic, think about the information learned and interesting facts that brought you new knowledge.

2. How to Write a Reflection Essay. Practical Part


Here are tips on what a reflection essay has to include.

General guidelines:


How to Write a Reflection Paper : 14 Steps (with Pictures) Do not make a mistake of re-writing or summarizing while writing a reflection paper. The main point of writing a reflection paper is voice your reaction on whatever you are writing the paper on. It is not a must for the reflection paper to have a free flow of ideas but it is more formal than writing a journal or diary.

How to write a reflection paper

Like any other form of formal writing a reflection paper should be organized and appealing. The basic format of an introductory paragraph, detailed body and a summary or ending should be implemented. In the introduction you should at least mention your expectations before the beginning of the reading, talk or lecture.
Then briefly quote some of the major reactions that you experienced during the experience that you are going to expound on in the body. This is accompanied by the conclusions that you draw from the reactions that you experienced during the readings. And last but not least you should end the paper with a conclusion that is realised after contrasting your expectations with your reactions and feelings.

Instructions for writing reflection paper