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Writing Scientific Research Articles: Strategy and Steps guides authors in how to write, as well as what to write, to improve their chances of having their articles accepted for publication in international, peer reviewed journals. The book is designed for scientists who use English as a first or an additional language; for research students and those who teach them paper writing skills; and for early-career researchers wanting to hone their skills as authors and mentors. It provides clear processes for selecting target journals and writing each section of a manuscript, starting with the results. The stepwise learning process uses practical exercises to develop writing and data presentation skills through analysis of well-written example papers. Strategies are presented for responding to referee comments, as well as ideas for developing discipline-specific English language skills for manuscript writing. The book is designed for use by individuals or in a class setting.

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Although the concept of genre has existed since Aristotle's Poetics, over the centuries it has been mostly used as a classification system for literary forms. However, researchers have made significant contributions to genre theories in areas such as scientific English (Barber, 1962; Halliday et. al., 1962; Huddieston, 1971; Gopnik, 1972; Selinker et. al., 1972, 1974; Swales, 1971,1981; Bazerman, 1988); legal English (Gustafsson, 1975; Widdowson, 1973; Bhatia, 1982, 1993), medicine (Candlin et. al., (1974, 1976, 1980), economics (Tadros, 1981). One of those most relevant to scientific texts is Swales' (1990) Genre Analysis, which provided researchers with an insight and a new perspective to experiment with the genre theories even in the twenty first century. Thus, the Create a Research Space (CARS) model, presented by Swales (1990), Swales & Feak (1994, 2004), for writing introductions became a popular site of investigation with its application in different disciplines. This model is the widely quoted and researched model for writing research articles and has been applied by students, teachers and researchers working in various disciplines for learning, teaching and research purposes.

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“Writing research article introductions in software engineering

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